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當本博客在關鍵詞“SEO Hong Kong”獲得第一名的時候,我興奮地給QQ在線好友發喜報.



想想,還有很多的很多,都是因為有了百度,才給我帶來了如此多的興奮、喜悅和欣慰,Google、YAHOO! 給人的感覺只是平淡.

Content is king~

They also have interest in the website links or external links, and related topics. These are all related!

This explains the relevant content to run second highest.

If your site is related to finance, financial content is the best financing support exchange links. Correlation!

The link to the page seems to be abused. There are rumors, Web links, resources, or partners by page rank. You may be wasting your time to establish contact, does not give you any good!

Always remember: when writing content related links, will not only improve your search engine rankings, but you can also add the service to your visitors.

As a webmaster, this is very easy to fall into the conspiracy these networks. .

Another benefit of doing so, a content-rich Web site, you can add hundreds of links, quite reasonable, really add some value to your rank and your users.

Links related content is the future.

Driver’s webmaster, seems content and link building.

Has a lot of see-saw ING late in the search engine world there are a lot of conspiracy theories, why these things happen.

There are more than 400 pages of the website, means that you can easily add 3 links per page, so that you can immediately 1200 link options.

Make sure that you only exchange website links related to the content on your page. Yes, I would suggest a link exchange web links page on your site.

While link building is very important, and I do not believe it makes a queen. Perhaps Prince. Content and links go hand in hand, but unrelated, the kingdom is doomed to failure. I’m sorry, I stopped metaphor! :-)

A poor content of the Web site, it is difficult, you must add a link to the page or create a link directory. The five sites will need to add 10 or 12 good links page, competition, even with the changes in the algorithm, it may not be prudent.

The news site has the right idea. They have two or three internal links to other articles in the same subject or links, internal tools. These can usually be found on the right hand side of the article.

Retain all relevant. It is that simple.

In any case, I hope so …

Well, then what is the best strategy?

You get their e-mail notes, you see the idea of the so-called experts bulletin board – Hey, you might even newsletter articles to read something!

If your site is content casino finance, financial support from the PR8 website to exchange links, may help in the short term … but all the signs did not say this is a long-term strategy.




- 如果你關心的關鍵詞在GOOGLE、Yahoo的前10名,大多數是頁面級的馬在競爭,那你就可以用目錄級的頁面來爭取排名;


- 如果前10名都是目錄級,那你可以用域名級來爭取排名;


- 如果前10名都是域名級,那你就要拼網站的權重和質量了。




1. 幾乎無域名級的“馬”;2. 少量目錄級的“馬”;3. 頁面級的最多;



Google 圖像SEO

Google通用搜索包括Google本地和地圖、博客搜索、Google圖像搜索、圖書搜索、Google新聞、Google Base和產品搜索、代碼搜索、Google列表搜索、Google視頻,也包括過去的Google網站搜索結果。

文件名稱: 在圖像文件中使用關鍵詞。這就是使用”4567-89.gif”和 “puppy-toys.jpg.”的區別。并非所有的人都搜索”4567-89,”,但”puppy toys”可能會給網站帶來更大的流量,假如你銷售與寵物相關的產品和服務。
說明(caption): 在圖像的下面放一段簡要的說明,強調文件名稱中使用的關鍵詞。
標簽(alt, title): 標簽有助于建立要害的主題,要簡明扼要。
位置: 假如你想花時間和金錢在優化圖像上下功夫,就要明白位置在圖像搜索,而且在本地搜索中起著重要的作用。當優化實物商店位置時,這種作用更加重要。
鏈接: 把優化的圖像鏈接到網頁上,與把內部導航鏈接與重要網頁鏈接同樣重要。在這一點上,圖像優化已成為一個建立更廣泛鏈接戰略的手段。