Search engine market share china 2012

SEO HK, a China Internet research company, released search engine market data for the first quarter in 2012. Total revenue in Q1 has grown by 70.41% (YoY) to 5.5 billion yuan (US$877 million) though it’s dropped by 4.72% compared to the previous quarter. [caption id="attachment_2844" align="alignnone" width="458"]china-search-engine-market-share-2012 china-search-engine-market-share-2012[/caption] Baidu’s Q1 earnings surged 78.6% as the Chinese Internet search giant’s revenue continued to surge. Baidu posted a profit of 1.88 billion RMB ($299 million USD), or CNY5.38 (85 U.S. cents) per ADS, up from RMB1.09 billion, or RMB3.07 an ADS, a year earlier. Read more: