Domain Transfer Orders & Statuses

Since from October 29, 2006, .COM and .NET domains have required an Authorization Code from your Current Registrar. If your .COM or .NET transfer has a status of REGREQFAIL and you have not requested an Authorization Code from your current registrar, you must do so and provide the authorization code in the box below in order for your transfer to complete.

Glossary of Domain Transfer Statuses

Domains in this state have been submitted for processing. Nothing has been done yet with these domains.
Our system was unable to retrieve the administrative contact's email address to notify them and confirm transfer of your domain. Please go to this link to contact customer support. Help
Our system was able to retrieve the administrative contact's email address. An email was sent to the administrative contact asking for confirmation.
Administrative Contact has been emailed.
Administrative Contact has confirmed transfer of domain.
Domain is in a locked status at the current registrar. Please contact the current registrar to have the domain unlocked. Once they have unlocked the domain name click the 'retry request' link on this page next to the domain name.
The registry rejected the authorization code you provided. You must obtain the correct authorization code from your current registrar, and enter it on this page.
Our system was unable to request domain transfer from the appropriate registry. We will retry until the transfer is successful or you cancel the order.
Our system successfully requested transfer of domain. Our systems must now wait for the registry to approve the transfer of the domain.
Domain has been transferred. System will process payment information soon.
Payment method failed for domain. Please update your credit card information FIRST and click 'Resubmit' next to domain. To update your credit card click on the 'Update Credit Card Info' link under billing tools. You may contact customer suppor.
Domain has been billed and will be placed in your account shortly.
Domain Transfer has finished for this domain.
Domain transfer has been cancelled. If you wish to re-initiate your transfer you can do so by clicking on 'transfer domains' 24-hours after your transfer has been cancelled. You will not be charged for your unsuccessful transfer attempt.